Experience the romance, wonder and silent serenity of a hot air balloon ride over the breathtakingly beautiful, tropical Cairns region. Pre-lift-off, witness the spectacle of a hot air balloon inflating and see it take shape, then hop in for a gentle takeoff and float gracefully over glorious gum trees and mountain ranges. Watch as the sun rises over the Australian landscape stretching out for miles and miles.

Hot Air Ballooning in Cairns is consistently ranked as one of the best things to do while in Cairns, alongside wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef and a visit to Kuranda. Rise up and float over the scenic Atherton Tablelands with it's rainforest fringed mountains and tranquil country landscapes. Time stands still when you're floating in a hot air balloon, and the memory will be one that you will cherish forever.

Top tips

"Get to bed early the night before your hot air ballooning tour as you will be picked up very early in the morning. Also, wear a hat, as your head can get quite hot if you are close to the flame they use for inflating the balloon."